Memorial Church is a progressive faith community that is rooted in the orthodox traditions of the Christian Faith.

We believe in the Trinity (but we May not agree on what that means).

We believe Christ is the Son of God (though we may express it differently).

We believe that scripture is the inspired Word of God (which does not make it, or us, infallible) 

And it is because of these things that we believe that Christ came for the meek, the lowly and the lost. That the Church should open its doors to people of all races, colors, backgrounds and identities and that we should not seek to keep God from anyone - no matter who they are or whom they love. 

Memorial affirms the full inclusion of all of God’s people in the Kingdom of God and at the altar, regardless of race, gender, orientation or identity. We are proud to have been the first church in Maryland to call a female priest, the first to call an openly LGBT priest, the first to conduct a same sex-blessing, and a continuing support of the LGB and T communities here in Baltimore.

We are only now fully recognizing the longer history of our parishes history of supporting segregation, Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery until the 1960s here in Baltimore and are working to “repair the breach” as we are called to do by the prophet Isaiah.