Founded in 1860, Memorial Church has a long history as a sanctuary for faithful believers and a center of community for the neighborhood.


Memorial Episcopal Church is an urban church in the city of Baltimore and a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. Over the past 30 years the parish has become a place of diverse theological viewpoints, where members take an inquiring approach to their faith. On Sunday mornings we have a choice of joining in worship in either a traditional or a contemporary service.

Our church has developed into a parish where openness and acceptance are the norm, and diversity is encouraged. Most of our members hold liberal or progressive views on social issues. It is a parish where people of all ages, races, marital status, sexual orientations, and backgrounds come together to worship God. Services are lively and participatory, with a variety of musical offerings. In recent decades, in its response to the changes occurring around us in the world, Memorial has been a force for constructive change within the Diocese of Maryland.

Our Rector is The Rev. Grey Maggiano.  

We describe ourselves as “A diverse community, worshiping God and serving people.” We try to live up to that vision every day, and we hope that you will think about joining us for worship or become involved in our community.

Memorial is a parish in the Diocese of Maryland. The Right Reverend Eugene Taylor Sutton is the Bishop of Maryland. The Episcopal Church consists of 109 dioceses in the United States, Central America, and Asia. The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry is the Presiding Bishop, Primate, and Chief Pastor of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.



Worship Leaders

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The Rev. Natalie Conway

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Justine Koontz
Music Director

Parish Staff

Jamie Griffith

Parish Administrator

Pierre Armistead


Evelyn Fitzgerald
Hospitality Ambassador


Barry Wiseman
Facilities and Maintenance



Class of 2019

Beth Casey, Senior Warden

Dick Williams

Rita Walters

Dale Balfour

Class of 2020

Jennifer Pelton

John McIntyre

Amy Rial

Erin Penniston

Class of 2021

Bill Roberts, Junior Warden

Bill Wells

Daviedra Sauldsberry

Fred Demers


Memorial's Full Calendar of Events

Memorial Church is a progressive faith community that is rooted in the orthodox traditions of the Christian Faith.

We believe in the Trinity (but we aren't sure what that means).

We believe Christ is the Son of God (though we may express it differently).

We believe that scripture is the inspired Word of God (which does not make it, or us, infallible) 

And it is because of these things that we believe that Christ came for the meek, the lowly and the lost. That the Church should open its doors to people of all races, colors, backgrounds and identities and that we should not seek to keep God from anyone - no matter who they are or whom they love.