Giving Thanks

One of my regular practices before a big Holiday is to make the rounds of our home or hospital bound parishioners and spread some cheer. It is a particularly sacred moment around Thanksgiving, when the reality of being 'away' is particularly real.

The same is true for those who have lost loved ones, or are far away from home for school, work, or because there isn't much 'home' to go to. 

I give thanks for these conversations and these relationships, and in particular give thanks that Memorial is a place where people find community, sanctuary and hope in difficult times. 

You may be, for reasons political, seasonal or personal, having a hard time being thankful this week. For many it has been a challenging year. So perhaps consider the moments of light that have shown through for you this year - a conversation with an old friend, an unexpectedly delicious meal, a prayer that really hit home, a sermon that for once wasn't terrible, and consider how Jesus has made himself real to you in those moments and many more - providing that flash of light when everything else seemed so dark.

Have a happy thanksgiving however you spend it, and remember you always have a space at Memorial's table, and there is always room for one more. 

in peace, Father Grey