Linden Park Holiday Party

Linden Park Apartments Holiday Party

UPDATE: We are still in need of people to attend the party and help with entertaining residents. If you are interested and haven't confirmed your attendance - please email Bruno at 

On Sunday, December 10th, at 1:00 pm, Memorial parishioners will be celebrating our annual holiday party at Linden Park Apartments (formerly Memorial Apartments). This year will be more like last year than years past, in that we will be having a post-luncheon get-together with light refreshments, rather than a full meal with all the trimmings. Bruno Reich, Memorial’s Discernment of Vocation intern, is organizing things on Memorial’s end, and Ruth Royster, director of resident services at Linden Park, is coordinating there.

Over the years Memorial has hosted, both at home and at the apartments, a wide variety of holiday parties. In some years there have been two seatings to get everyone to the table; the youth group would do deliveries of full meals to residents who could not get down to the feast; the choir has sung carols with residents joining in. It is an important event to keep Memorial connected to the apartments founded by the church some 60 years ago, especially now since the renovation and evolution from Memorial Apartments to Linden Park Apartments.

Bruno’s vision is to create a festive atmosphere that provides an opportunity for our congregation and the residents at Linden Park to both celebrate the season and get to know one another better. We will need many hands to make this event festive for all, so we hope that everyone will contribute in some way. For those who cannot spare much time, food preparation is welcome. For those who would rather not cook, your presence at the party is more than welcome.

Ms. Royster believes that the party provides the residents with “an opportunity for congregation, particularly congregation with folks they don’t see every day.” Likewise, as “many of them don’t have family, or at least not family that live close enough to visit, this is their chance to get that ‘holiday spirit.’ It’s really special when they get to spend time with younger generations.”

If you would like to provide food for this event, please contact Paul Seaton ( to find out what is still needed. If you plan to attend, particularly with your children, please contact Bruno ( We hope to see a good turnout to celebrate and serve.


Jamie Griffith


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