Advent Liturgy and Living: A Christmas Carol Past, Present and Future

Join us this Advent after Church for a three part series looking at the history, current context and the future of how we might view Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.  We will be joined by Erin Johnson of Loyola University and Dr. Andrew Miller of Johns Hopkins for this fascinating three part series.  

Dec 3rd — Christmas Carol’s Past — How did Dickens and ‘A Christmas Carol’ give birth to many of our modern Christmas Traditions?

Dec 10th - Christmas Carol’s Present — ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Stranger Things’ — how does this story continue to get reflected and re-told in today’s world?

Dec 17th - Christmas Carol’s future —  ‘A Christmas Carol’ in Baltimore — If you were to set a Christmas Carol in Baltimore in 2018 what role would the Mayor have? Under Armour? Memorial Church?