Make the switch to wind power

Switch to 100% Green-E windpower through Groundswell.

You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and Memorial gets $10 for each parishioner or friend who makes the switch!

It’s easy and economical to make the switch.  Just click on this link to enroll.

You will see the prices available for BGE customers.  Choose a 1-year contract, currently priced at 8.8 cents per kilowatt hour, or a 2-year contract at 8.7 cents.  Put in your personal information, and then select Memorial Episcopal Church on the drop-down list.  You will then be directed to the WGL website for the actual enrollment.  You will need to have your BGE bill ready, because you’ll need your account number and your customer choice ID number (on the BGE bill it’s the number to the right of the multi-colored circle on the front page).

Anyone who pays an electric bill, regardless of whether they rent an apartment or own a home, can sign up for a 1 or 2-year contract.  You will NOT receive a second bill and you will simply see a change in your electricity supplier from BGE to WGL.  If you are currently under contract with an electricity supplier other than BGE, you may not be able to enroll until your contract is up.

Grey and Vaughn as our spiritual and environmental leaders have already signed up!  Barbara Cates and Dick Williams regret that they are stuck for now in more expensive windpower contracts, also with WGL, but can attest that the power keeps working just as well as the old dirty power did.