Christmas Lessons and Carols

What do we do once Christmas Day has come and gone? Many of our children may believe that the 25th is it; presents received and game over. Thankfully, we've got at least 12 days of Christmas (depending on whose calendar you are following) until Epiphany on January 6, to celebrate the coming of the King. 

If you count yourself among those who can't get enough of Christmas - the stories, the music, and the joy - then Christmas Lessons and Carols, the First Sunday after Christmas, is for you.

Featuring six lessons from Genesis, Isaiah, and Luke, and six of everyone's favorite hymns, this is a more relaxed take on Christmas than the 24th, while still keeping all the wonder and mystery of the story. The choir is off for the weekend as a Christmas gift, and we can use every voice (whether you think it's any good or not!) to fill the space with a joyous sound. 

10:30 am in the church on Sunday, December 31.