Feldhof Farm, where Memorial gets its greens - December 16


The farm where Memorial Church traditionally goes for our Christmas greens is located at 2311 Neudecker Road in Westminster. The farm is Stacy Wells' childhood home, owned by her father Bill Fanning, and it’s been family-owned and operated since 1984. Memorial has been going out to the farm since 2003 the year Stacy and Bill Wells got married! The church trees and greens are donated in memory of Bill's mom, Dougie Wells.


Located in the rolling hills of Carroll County, mid-way between Westminster and Hampstead, Maryland, the farm has a variety of spruces, firs and pines from table top size to 20 feet tall.  And you get good exercise just looking at what’s available. In fact, when Leigh Wiehs went out to the farm in 2003, she got such great exercise that she gave birth to Grant right there in the field! Stacy was the midwife! Well, maybe a slight exaggeration --but still a great story.

There is a real joy in cutting one’s own tree, and at Feldhof you can also get a ‘live’ tree, that is to say: root ball and all! There are hand-made wreaths, greens and holly to make your own arrangements & swags. Wreaths are sized from 16 inches to 72 inches in diameter. They can be made with mixed greens, pines or firs. They can be special ordered with holly or nandina berries and various types of pine cones!

And hand made bows are also available to finish off your holiday wreaths or swags.
Other services include a ‘borrowing shed’ for hand saws to cut your tree, and there are tractors to bring your tree  to the parking area, as well as tree bailing equipment.

They only accept Cash  or Checks  for payment of goods or services and are open November 25 through December 17 on Saturdays and Sundays: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

On weekdays they are open by appointment only. You can call 410-876-7680 to schedule a weekday visit to the farm, but we hope you will join us there on the 16th!


Please contact Monty Howard 410-243-2902 if you need to caravan from church (it’s easy to find) or we will see you there at about 10AM on Saturday the 16th.