The View from Bolton Street

Greetings, friends:


While our Rector and his family continue to grieve over the sudden loss of his mother, this new week brings us yet another loss to grapple with, that of our beloved parishioner Mary Ann Lewis. Cynics might assume that these two deaths, both happening suddenly and so close to each other, might serve to lessen our commitment to communal worship, and drive us away from each other and our beloved Memorial Episcopal Church.




Paradoxically, these shocking events instead remind us of the importance and strength of our worship community, and the need we all have to gather at Jesus's table with a rich diversity of people, be they skeptics, seekers, questioners, or believers. 


Many ask right now, "How can I support the Maggianos?" or "What can I do for Gus Lewis?"


A powerful gift you can offer both families right now is to SHOW UP at Memorial. 


Attend one of our three services this Sunday (8am, 10:30am, 7pm), or try out the Peace and Justice Eucharist on Tuesday at 7am. 


An important service not to miss is the following Sunday, January 28, 10:30am which will end with our Annual Meeting. You will learn about the many and astonishing achievements of 2017 yet will also be challenged as you learn of ambitious goals for 2018. Deepen your connection to this community - and to the Maggiano and Lewis families - by being a part of our worship, whenever you can. 


Recently, I consulted a child psychologist friend for advice about helping a grieving child. At the end of our conversation, she looked at me and said, "You know, you are really lucky to be a person of faith. Grieving is never easy and is an incredibly long and painful process. But experiencing that pain in the midst of a worship community means that your time with the pain will be so much shorter. I wish I could prescribe attending church for all my patients."


No prescription is needed here, people!


See you this Sunday, and for many Sundays to come, I hope -




Beth Drummond Casey, Senior Warden 

(410) 790-8820