Annual Meeting 2018

Sunday January 28, following the 10:30 service, we will hold our Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting, if you've never been, is an essential part of the life of the parish. We heartily encourage everyone to attend.

At the meeting we will:

  • Review 2017 - we've managed to pack an awful lot into just one year. The actual list of accomplishments and foundational work done this year will surprise you, guaranteed. 
  • Look forward to 2018 - we're not content to rest on the laurels from a successful 2017. Rather much of the foundational work that was done will lead directly to 2018 goals and we need interested and engaged people to join in and help ensure that those goals are met.
  • Approve the 2018 Budget - Paul Seaton, our treasurer, David Clewell, Dale Balfour, and all of the Vestry have been working hard for months now to figure out how best to use the time, talent, and treasure we all entrust to the church. If you've ever been curious how we allocate resources, this is the best time to find out.
  • Vote for the Vestry Class of 2021 - At annual meeting we will say goodbye to some members of the Vestry as they finish their commitment, but we will also say hello to the new members of the Vestry Class of 2021. 


In addition there will be a luncheon, coordinated by Amy Krulak, who sends this message:

Please contact Amy Krulak,, if you feel moved to bring a soup, bread, salad or dessert to our fellowship before the Annual Meeting Sunday January 28.  It makes it easier to do the work of celebrating where our community is and where we are going in the coming year when our bellies are full and we are fed.

Thank you for your support of each other and our work together.