A call for Acolytes


During this stewardship season, I am asking for you to consider the Memorial Acolyte program as a way to give of your time and talent. I have attached the Acolyte manual in order to give you an idea of what it means to be an Acolyte at Memorial. Some of you are already involved and have asked for training opportunities. Some have asked to become involved, and some I am inviting to consider for the first time. If you know of others that might be interested, please do forward this email.  As a way to get us started, I have created a poll to find out when might be a good time for us to gather to begin the training.

Please provide your and/or your child's availability to begin or renew your commitment to learn more about the Acolyte Corps by going to this link no later than Tuesday, November 27. Acolyte Training Scheduling 

Please click ALL times you are available and hold those times until you receive my update email on Wednesday. I will not conduct training on all dates but will select the top 2 or 3 based on your responses.

Questions? Please email me or find me in church! (I'll likely be one of the ones at the altar šŸ˜‰)

Time is of the essence as we have had some of our Acolytes moving out of the program recently. 

Fr. Grey and I appreciate your prayerful consideration!

In Christ,

Alice Peake