Liturgy & Living: Advent, 2018

Liturgy and Living: Advent

As we prepare to welcome the Christ Child to Bethlehem - now is a good time to consider exactly where Bethlehem is today. As anyone who has visited this Holy City recently can tell you, the jarring reality of blast walls and border containment in one of Christianity’s Holy Cities is hard to balance in one’s mind. 

For that reason, we will be doing a four part series this Advent Called ‘Christians Engaging Israel’. It is done in partnership with the Shalom Hartman Institute and will offer some intense discussion and reflection on what it means to talk about Israel, Palestine and the Holy Land in the 21st century as Christians, particularly as Christians who care about the downtrodden and oppressed.  

As we consider the Holy Family as refugees who head to Egypt, so we should consider all refugees - here in the Americas and in the Middle East. 

Please plan to join us following services at Noon in the Upper Parish Hall for videos conversation and discussion. 

For a primer on the curriculum please click here.