Children's Corner - Children and Youth programming at Memorial

Children’s Corner

Children’s Chapel meets once a week during the service. The kids all go down to lower farnham hall and listen to the gospel. The scriptures are written in a way that kids can understand and it really amazes me how much they get out of the readings. We are using a program called Whirl Lectionary and it comes with a little video each week that the kids watch. If you would like to get to know some of the characters we have met in the videos, and see the program for yourself, you can click the link below. After the video and the scripture we either play a game or do some sort of craft.

This month during children’s chapel there has been an underlying theme of giving. I would ask the kids what talents and skills they felt they could give to the church. Many of them said things like money, time, energy, and then someone said love. The love one I emphasized because no matter what we can always give a little love. We wrote down all these answers and one week we decided to offer up our talents to the church by placing them in the offertory plates. The kids enjoyed feeling like they were apart of the community and contributing their talents and gifts.

-Hannah :)

Director of Youth and Community Engagement

“For those who are led by the spirit of God are the Children of God.” Romans 8:14