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Logo Change

What’s in a...Logo?

You will, I hope, notice something slightly different about this week’s E-News.  That’s right, Memorial’s early Christmas present is a refreshed logo and design! The impetus came from our staff and volunteers who have had an increasingly difficult time getting our old logo to work, because the image was so downgraded that it was difficult to use it in a lot of places.

As a result our overall messaging and image suffered (not to mention the extra gray hairs for Jamie and Hannah as they tried to make it work!)


While it seemed a little pre-mature for a complete makeover, we were able to find an Episcopal graphic artist who could ‘refresh’ our logo and produce a wide variety of materials for us.  This has been reviewed by the communications and worship teams, as well as the vestry and after a few rounds of edits I think we have a really wonderful product that we can be proud of.

As you see to your right, the logo is an image of the Memorial Cross, overlaid on the Baptismal font (the clover shaped image behind).  This visualizes the unity of the font and the table, of Baptism and the Eucharist, as the two sacraments that identify us as Episcopalians and symbolize our relationship with Jesus.

The light red color is the color of the exterior door of the Church - signifying our commitment to welcome and the brown matches the brown exterior of the Church - acknowledging our historic place in the community.

Most importantly - the image is translucent - so when placed on top of another image, you see right through it (as on the top of this email) which, just like the actual memorial cross, allows all of us to see ourselves and each other in the resurrection story.   

We will be using a few different versions of the new logo in our messaging, but this will be the primary logo. And of course if you have feedback please do let the office know.

For more on the artist, Dr. Christopher Corbin:
The Rev. Dr. ChristopherCorbin is the Missioner for Transition and Leadership Miniseries for the Diocese of South Dakota. He is also the Diocese’s communications director and a freelance graphic designer. He is currently working with Forward Movement on a new series of informative (and hopefully entertaining!) infographics on various aspects of church teaching and practice. His main research focuses on Anglican history and theology, early evangelicalism, and English Romanticism. He has a book with Routledge press called The Evangelical Party and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Return to the Church of England coming out at the end of this month. Chris lives in Lead, SD with his wife, the Rev. Portia Corbin (South Dakota’s Missioner for Camping and Retreat Ministries), their daughter Louisa, and three cats, Scout, Boo, and Jem.”