A Thank You from The Maggianos

From the Rector:

As Monica, Isabella, Nicolas, and I return from our hiatus, I want to offer an expression of gratitude to our senior warden, Beth Casey, our departing and incoming junior wardens, Monty Howard and Bill Roberts, the clergy who have stepped in while I was out — Vaughn, Ted, Ken, and Bradley, Edward and Erin and the worship committee, and to Amy, and Nampoina and to all the parents that have made Sunday school happen in my absence.  As well as Bruno for his work in keeping our Bible study and Liturgy and Living programs going. 


I can’t possibly thank everyone here — but thanks also to all who brought food, sent cards, came to the service, or prayed for us over the last month.  We still covet your prayers, but are very happy to be back in your midst as we enter into Lent.  


Thanks to all of you. You continue to prove what Memorial is all about and why this is a special community that truly can do anything it puts it mind and heart to.