Wednesday Ecumenical Lenten Series kicks off

Last Wednesday, February 14th, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day, the 2018 West Baltimore Ecumenical Lenten Series began at Memorial. A vibrant crowd of around 100 people braved the slightly less than lovely weather to listen to Rev. Dr. Bill Calhoun of Trinity Baptist preach. Dr. William Sydnor of Florida Avenue Baptist Church, in Washington D.C. made our new organ sound magnificent and Ms. Sarah Edwards of New Shiloh and Enon Baptist Churches sang the Rendition. 

Dr. Calhoun invited us all to Wonder and Wander in the Way - a reminder that we are not on this journey alone. A topical, occasionally humorous, and much needed sermon set the tone for the series and there were many cries of "Amen!" from the congregation.

This week Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Summers of Providence Baptist Church was our preacher. His message was "Pathways to Pursue". Working as a follow up to last week's wondering and wandering, Dr. Summers suggested some worthwhile pathways to help us on the way, and encouraged all to be at peace with getting lost now and then. Sometimes you have to lose yourself, to find the way. 

Dr. Sydnor again was our Organist and Music Director, and Rodney Merrick of Florida Avenue Baptist made the trek from Washington to share some truly beautiful music at the Rendition. 

After the services the assembled throngs enjoyed a wonderful meal arranged by Marjorie Forster. There were many volunteers there to make these events work and we thank all of them. It was so successful we increased our numbers by more than 50% in the second week. So if you have any inclination to help out with the luncheon, please do contact Marjorie!

The photos below will hopefully give a good idea of the day, and should encourage all who can to join us for a much needed spiritual break in the middle of the week. 

Dr. Calhoun preaching.jpg