Children's Chapel Bake Sale to buy a lamb

This Sunday, February 11, our children will be spending Children's Chapel setting up for a bake sale. This particular bake sale is in support of Memorial's purchase of a lamb through Heifer International, in memory of Laurie Anne Maggiano. Laurie was a big supporter of Heifer International, often donating to purchase multiple animals in honor of friends and family.

How can you help? Bake something! Buy something! Do both! The kids will be bringing something, but we can all join in - everything baked is welcome, so long as it can be portioned. For more information, please contact Amy RIal. Paul Seaton will be on hand with his trusty Square device so we can even take credit cards. 

Our goal is $120 - the cost of one lamb. Please consider bringing something to sell, as well as buying something to take home (you can even buy your own stuff back...).

The children of Memorial thank you for your support.