Look Back: Sunday’s Surprise - Inviting Children into the Sanctuary

On ‘Turning over the tables Sunday’ - Father Grey and some volunteers from the parish helped to ‘turn over the chairs’ in our Sanctuary and move the Children’s PRAYGround from the corner of the historical chapel into the front of the Church.  

By creating a space inside the sanctuary that puts the children at the center of the action - we hope to begin the process of changing our culture of how we welcome kids from them being a welcome (or unwelcome) distraction to full and equal participants in the life and ministry of Memorial.  

In addition to this symbolic act, a number of ministries, including pastoral care, acolytes, ushers, music and the justice and green teams are looking at how they can better involve children more fully into their work and the broader life of the parish.  

One important note is that this also allows us to reclaim use of the ‘Historical Chapel’ - where some of our most treasured members have been laid to rest.  While it is wonderful to have the kids in Church; some folks have been troubled by having to push through toys and games to say hello to their loved ones in the columbarium.  

From the look of joy on the kids faces on Sunday morning it was clear this was meaningful to them, and we hope that it will also be an important moment for all of you who desire to see more young people in church and involved in the church.