Look Back: Thomas Sunday with the Jazz quartet

This year ‘Low’ Sunday was anything but!  

The Sunday after Easter Memorial was joined by Katherine Gorman, Isaac Chang, Lola Stevenson and Cameron Thomas - four students from Baltimore School for the Arts (BSA) who took us on a ‘Closer Walk’ so that we could ‘Wade in the Water’ with ‘St. Thomas’ and feel a little ‘Sunny’ in this colder than usual April. 

In many Episcopal Churches, the Sunday after Easter has low attendance, a guest preacher, and Some exhausted clergy and staff. 

But Memorial is not your typical Episcopal Church. Jazz Music, new hymns and service music from ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’, and an energetic sermon challenging all of us to ‘get Resurrected’ kept the hopefullness and the energy going after Easter Sunday. 

We are hopeful that ‘the BSA Quartet’ can join us again at least once more before the year is out. And if you couldn’t be with us on Sunday, a sample of their playing is included below.