Trinity Sunday - getting the kids involved

This past Sunday, if you were in church, you may have noticed a much...younger tone was set. Kids helped out as welcomers outside the church, served as lay readers, and, as the picture below attests, got intimately involved with the Eucharistic Prayer. It was different; it was mostly adorable; it was effective in keeping the kids involved.

As we explore the idea of youth engagement in church and how to make the service accessible for our kids while not exasperating the adults (too much), experiments like this will be more likely to happen. As any parent will tell you - give the kids something to do , because idle hands will find something to do you would prefer didn't happen. If you have suggestions, or would like to help, your thoughts are MORE than welcome. You don't need to have children, or even much experience with kids, to lend valuable insight into this process. What's working, what's not working, and what we haven't even considered that might be great.


Hats off to all of our kids, who read with aplumb, and stayed focused, and got involved. Here's to many more Sundays with many, many kids.