The View from Bolton Street

Homecoming Sunday

They were astounded beyond measure saying “He has done everything well”

Mark 7:37                     

I am really excited for Sunday.

Really excited.

You might ask, of course, why? It’s just ‘Homecoming’ Sunday. It’s not even a real feast day in the Church.  It’s not Easter, or Christmas, or Epiphany, or All Saints Day. If any thing ‘Homecoming Sunday’ is an anathema to the Christian tradition - a giving in to the realities of our current world that says we can take Summers ‘off’ and that the year begins not on Advent 1 but on the Sunday after Labor Day. 

Okay, you make a good point.

But I take a special joy in Homecoming Sunday because... I like Homecoming.  Now in High School I was never the Homecoming King, I didn’t get to come to school in my football uniform, or star in a class production.  But I did have a particular role in my High School’s homecoming activities and that was as ‘Coordinator’. Yes, I was the one who made sure everything worked out. 

Someone had to make sure the float got finished and the class skit was prepared and everyone knew about the spirit days and someone was in charge of the hallway decorating and the class cheer and all the other little things that go into making Homecoming Week a great week... and that person was me. There was, and is, something very satisfying about putting together a program and seeing the pieces come together.  To hear those words of Jesus’ followers (paraphrased) ‘They have done everything well.’

And as we come to the end of the summer it is truly exciting to see everyone’s hard work come together.  The Church is back in order, the acolytes are ready, the Children’s programming is coming together, the Choir is rehearsing for the first time today, the altar guild is getting the linens and the silver ready... it really is exciting. And not just the preparation for the day but for the year. As you read last week we have new staff coming on board, new people on the altar and behind the scenes that will assist our community in worship, ministry, and fellowship together. We have a whole calendar of events ready to share with you. 

It really has been inspiring and a bit terrifying to watch it all come together. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

If you need a message of Good News this week, if you need a fresh start, a reconnection with the divine I hope you will join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. And if you know someone else like that I hope you will invite them as well.

Sunday, September 9th. 10:30 am. Bolton and Lafayette.  Welcome Home.